Frequently Asked Questions

Is it scary? Shadow Asylum is a premier haunted attraction and is designed to provide an intense scare. Although not strictly required, keeping a change of undergarments in the car is encouraged.
Is it safe? You will be exposed to strobe lights, fog, scents and odors, static charges, loud sounds, infrasonics, intense scares and startles, enclosed spaces and uneven surfaces. If you have a medical condition that you believe this would not be suitable for, do not enter.
Is it the same as last year? Absolutely NOT! We have gone retro this year, a throw-back to earlier (and some say more intense!) days of Shadow Asylum! This will be a uniquely terrifying experience. We will keep some of our more popular elements, but we like knowing you don't know what to expect next!
How long does it take? The time it takes to get through depends on how fast you run! That assumes of course that you even make it through at all...
How long are the lines? Come early to avoid the longest lines, or consider buying a VIP ticket. Once you are in either line you will get your chance to go through the haunt that evening!
Do you accept credit/debit cards? Sure! We accept cards branded with either a VISA or MasterCard logo.
Do you offer Group Rates? To qualify for group rates, you must arrange in advance for purchasing tickets for at least twenty people with a single payment. If this sounds like something that would work for your organization, send us an email with a daytime phone number and we will contact you to work out the details!
What is a VIP ticket? VIPs get to bypass the regular admission line to the haunt! The VIP line might not be empty, but it is going to be MUCH shorter than the regular line! Think of it as a "speed pass" or "line jumper" like you might have at an amusement park.
Where do I buy tickets? Regular and VIP tickets are for sale at the Shadow Asylum box office when the event is open. If you wish to purchase a regular ticket, simply get in the ticket queue under the white tents. If you wish to purchase a VIP "line jumper" ticket, follow the signs and simply walk up to the VIP entrance.
What if it rains? We are open regardless of the weather, and although we do have an indoor waiting line, we recommend that you arrive prepared for conditions in case the line has grown to outside the building.
What are The Catacombs? The terror and darkness of Shadow Asylum opened a rift through which one can choose to enter The Catacombs. But if you enter, will you ever find your way out?
What is The Last Ride? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be buried alive? Our Undertaker will help you find out! Hopefully you are not afraid to lay down in a coffin...
What is Terror In The Darkness? This is a limited engagement special event! All of the lights are OUT! Navigate the haunt in groups of four or less by only the light of a glowstick!
Is Terror In The Darkness the same as Shadow Asylum? You will be going through the main haunt, but this is a VERY different experience!
Will the monsters touch me? If you don't touch them, they won't grab you. Of course, in the darker areas something may accidentally bump into you but our cast will not intentionally grab you. However, you may be grabbed by one of the members of your own group who is too terrified to continue! Also, a monster will "break character" if they find you are not obeying the rules! If YOU touch our monsters or our sets, security will immediately eject you. No Refund. No Re-entry.
Can I bring my ?????? You will NOT be allowed entry with pets, food, drinks, video recording equipment, cameras, flashlights, laser pointers, sprays, guns or weapons of any kind
Can I bring in my cell phone? Sure, but remember to turn it off before entry. Use within the haunt will result in ejection. Also, please be aware that we will NOT stop to look for lost cell phones (or anything else). If we happen to find your lost item, it will be available at the ticket window on the next night we are open.
Can I arrive "in costume"? Please check with us before arriving with masks, costumes or makeup. We will NOT allow costumes or makeup that at our discretion could be unsafe to you or confusing to our crew or to other patrons. Masks are always prohibited as they may further restrict your vision and your safety in an already dark and strange environment...
What about security? We use night vision cameras within and around the haunt, plus we have uniformed and plain clothes security and law enforcement on-site. If you are ejected for any reason, there will be no refund, no re-entry.
Is it wheelchair accessible? That depends on your chair: our narrowest passageway is 29" and there are MANY uneven surfaces. We also have ramps that will require someone from your group to help push. Some areas have very tight turns and uneven ground but most of these areas have a wheelchair bypass. With that said, over the years we have had people in wheelchairs go through the main haunt and have a great time!
What about mobility scooters? No, even if your scooter is a ZTR (Zero Turning Radius) chair and fairly short in length, it will simply not make it through the tighter turns that you will find inside.
I'm on crutches, is that ok? No. You will encounter ramps and uneven surfaces that are simply not safe to navigate while on on crutches. Plus you wouldn't be able to escape the creatures waiting for you inside!
Do you have _____ (clowns, chainsaws, etc)? We'll never tell, but you'll find out soon enough!
What age is this appropriate for? That depends on the child. All patrons MUST be able to travel on their own: you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to carry a child through the haunt. Our haunt can be intense and we can't be responsible if you drop your child!
Can my kids go in alone? That depends. We have no minimum age restriction because all kids are different. Please use appropriate judgment to determine if this is the right experience for your child. We have had many kids enjoy the experience, but we have also had many adults who have said they were too scared to continue! Remember that from the time they enter the haunt until the time they exit, it is similar to living in a horror movie! There are exits all along the route - if they get too scared they can always request an early exit “escort”.
Can I be refused a ticket or denied entry? Management reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to deny entry and/or refuse service to anyone.
What times are you open? On Friday and Saturday nights we are open from 7:00 pm until Midnight!
What dates are you open? For the 2018 season we are closed for remodeling. Come see us in 2019!
How can I do this? We are always looking for actors and artisans! Visit our volunteer page and tell us about yourself!